How To Install Microwave Above Stove

Many people choose to put their microwaves above their stoves since it frees up counter space and makes the kitchen look more organized. This arrangement not only lets you make better use of your counter space, but it also effectively removes noxious fumes and steam from the kitchen. This tutorial will explain why that decision was made and walk you through setting up the system.

Installations require forethought, caution, and pinpoint accuracy. Checking the microwave’s electrical connections and reading the owner’s instructions are the first steps. Mounting the microwave, fastening the mounting plate, and fine-tuning the appliance’s position are all steps in the multi-step installation process that require specialized tools and materials. As an added bonus, we’ll tell you how to make your over-the-range microwave last longer.

Precautions to Take Before Mounting a Microwave Above a Stove

Electrical Factors to Think About:

You should check that a dedicated circuit and outlet suitable for the microwave’s power needs are in place before beginning. Get an electrician’s opinion on whether or not any upgrades are needed.

Consult Owner’s Manual or Installation Guide:

When in doubt about how to use your microwave safely, consult the owner’s manual or installation guide. Following the manufacturer’s specifications is vital to guarantee a safe and functional installation.

Materials and Tools Needed for Installation

You’ll need the following items and tools to mount your microwave above the stove:

Step-by-step Instructions for Installing a Microwave Above a Stove

Allen Key


Tape Measure

Screw Set

Unpack and Label Components of Microwave/Mounting Kit:

To get started, take your time unpacking the microwave and the parts of the mounting kit. Clearly identify each part before beginning installation by labeling it.

Determine the ideal microwave height and mark the wall for the brackets:

Measure the height of the counter where the microwave will go using a level. Make a mark on the wall where you intend to install the mounting plate or brackets.

Install Mounting Plate on Wall; Double-check Level Using Previously Marked Points

Use the holes and marks on the mounting plate to secure it to the wall. Make sure it is level and firmly fastened.

Optional Step- Hardwire Ventilation Fan to Microwave’s Rear:

Following the manufacturer’s directions, attach the exhaust fan to the back of the microwave. You don’t have to do this, but it might help with the air flow in your kitchen if you do.

Place Microwave in Mounting Position; Make Necessary Adjustments to Make Sure It Is Level/Secured Properly:

Lift the microwave with care and set it into place on the mounting plate or brackets. Make sure the microwave is sitting on a flat surface, then fasten it in place as directed.

Ahead of the Range Microwave Maintenance Tips

Reduce heat transfer and vapor damage from kitchen vaporization by using thermal blankets or grease containment systems

The use of thermal blankets or grease containment systems can prevent damage to your microwave caused by excessive heat or steam. The use of these extras will help your equipment last much longer.

Keep Filters and Vents Clear by Cleaning Regularly and Limiting Exposure to Fumes, Steam, Grease, etc.

Make sure your microwave has adequate ventilation and that the filters and vents are frequently cleaned to protect it from exposure to steam and grease. This will avoid the accumulation of debris that could decrease its efficiency.

Heed Radiation Level Recommendations From The Manufacturer:

When placing a microwave above a stove, make sure to observe the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum acceptable radiation exposure. Verify that the machine is operating within the safe parameters.

Inspect the Door Seals and Hinges on a Regular Basis for Wear:

Check the door seals and hinges for damage and wear on a regular basis. For reasons of both security and efficiency, a microwave’s door must be properly sealed.

Replace Interior Light Bulbs Per Manufacturer Recommendations

If your microwave includes built-in lighting, make sure to replace the bulbs at the recommended intervals. To keep an eye on your food in progress, good lighting is essential.

Put money into a yearly maintenance plan to ensure peak unit performance

If you want your microwave to keep performing at its best, consider purchasing a maintenance plan. Having your appliance serviced by a professional on a regular basis will help it last longer and prevent future problems.


A microwave above the range is a practical and visually appealing addition to any kitchen. If you follow the instructions in this manual and take all necessary precautions, you will be able to take advantage of the setup’s efficiency and little footprint. If you care for your microwave properly, it will last longer and perform better, making it an even better investment in your kitchen.

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